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Fuxu electromechanicalLeading supplier of precision stampings

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Business Hotline:86-317-8858626

3Core strengths make you worry more confidence!

1、For many years the senior team

①Founded in 1985,,30 years of metal stamping History

We have a professional team,They were engaged in the development, production。

③Over the years, several well-known domestic enterprises

2、Leading the industry trend trusted

① haveLarge-scale production workshop、And high-tech production equipment

To develop programs, design mold,After the success in the production of samples

③To develop programs, satisfaction after construction, to fully protect the interests of customers

3、Provide thorough rigorous pre-sale service

① We will carry out pre-technical customers to communicate, to develop research, production project。

② During use professionalengineerFor you to provide technical guidance at any time;

③ Sale to customersRegular visits To protect you

Business Hotline:86-13932758868

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Fuxu electromechanical

    Cangzhou Xu Fu Electrical and Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly County, Hebei Province, Xu Fu Stamping Plant) was founded in 1985. After 25 years of hard work ahead Cangzhou Fu Xu people at home and abroad to establish a good business relationship. Company north of Beijing and Tianjin, east Bohai Bay, south and Shandong border, close to 104 National Road and Beijing-Shanghai Expressway traffic is very convenient. My company has a high-quality development and design team, professional mold design engineers, excellent fitter, strict internal management and comprehensive quality management system is our quality products to market-oriented strong backing. The company has sophisticated production equipment, design and manufacture of electronic, optoelectronic precision stamping parts, advanced sheet metal parts, injection molded metal parts, electrical (unit) chassis, automobile, motorcycle, stamping parts, electric power, telecommunications, stamping parts, instrument processing member. Another advanced stamping processing capacity, mold manufacturing, computer-aided design (CAD), there are processing EDM, wire cutting, CNN machining centers, car, plane, grinding, drilling and other machine tool accessories.


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Fuxu electromechanical
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